Porto Recanati


Solar city on a human scale

Porto Recanati, an ancient fishing village and sunny town overlooking the sea with comfortable, beautiful, safe and above all lively beaches.

The strength point is a seafront, full of typical and colorful shops and home to the beginning of the movida. The area is completely closed to traffic for the tranquility and safety of the little ones.

Porto Recanati is an ideal vacation spot that knows how to accommodate young people, the very young but also families. A double soul that knows how to give the tranquility of the day and the “movement” of the night.

Porto Recanati is on a human scale: famous for its articulated cycle paths which allow you to fully visit the coast, the pine forests and the countryside facing inland.

Porto Recanati is full of life. After the sea, the walk or bike ride and a good restaurant, it also offers quality shopping.


Swabian Castle, Roman City Potentia and Palio di San Giovanni

The Swabian Castle, built to defend against pirate raids of the past, once defined the livable space with its walls. Today, the arena housed inside and named after Beniamino Gigli is home to leading cultural events to enliven the rich calendar of summer events on offer.

If it is archeology that interests you, you can visit an important historical place represented by the Roman city of Potentia with its statutory finds and the remains of the temple of Jupiter.

Considering that the sea is the main element of this town, we recommend taking part in the Palio di San Giovanni, where the fishermen challenge each other in a race with full wicker baskets of fish to remember the old race to grab the place and the best customers at the market.


Porto Recanati-style fish soup

The sea finds its expression on the table with an excellent typicality, the fish soup.

All seaside towns have one but the one in Porto Recanati is truly special: for the fish, for the passion, for the tradition but above all for its secret and jealously guarded recipe.

Only one component that makes the difference has been revealed to us, the so-called “zafferanella”.
You just have to try it – perhaps at the Mago del Brodetto – in a side street off the main course.

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