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What to eat in the Riviera del Conero

Typical products of coastal areas

When you come to the Conero Riviera, the typical products that you absolutely must taste are:

  • the wild mussels of Portonovo: these are the typical local mussels,
  • i paccasassi: wild sea fennel that is macerated for months before being tasted),
  • the fish soup port of Recanati and Ancona,
  • the stockfish all’anconitana,
  • i pauri (large crabs that turn fiery red when cooked),

In addition to these delicacies, you can always taste the good and healthy blue fish, the cuttlefish and the sole sole, the oysters</ em>, sea truffles, varoli (sea bass or sea bass), monkfish, sea gallinelle em>, the St. Peters and we hope we haven’t forgotten anyone!

Typical products of the countryside

As we have said, the Conero Riviera is not just fish cuisine.
Among the meat delicacies are a must:

  • chicken and rabbit in potacchio,
  • the Ciauscolo (the famous spreadable salami),
  • i Vincisgrassi (baked pasta like lasagna, internationalized derivation of the same but with the secret ingredient of chicken giblets and more),
  • the cheese pizza,
  • the fig lonzetta,
  • the bread of Varano,
  • the tagliatelle or gnocchi with duck,
  • the sapa,
  • the fossa cheese,

not to mention durum wheat pasta, egg pasta, sourdough bread, wild boar and game in general, extra virgin olive oil, honey, cured meats, sweets, jams and donuts


The wines of the Conero Riviera

Rosso Conero and Verdicchio

The Conero is the land of its red, the Rosso Conero which has the characteristics of the mountain mitigated by the mediation of the sea.

Even this sometimes stony land contributes to the formation of its strong and decisive character in a scenario of rows and vines that justify their presence even if only from an aesthetic point of view.

The Verdicchio instead comes from the Valle dei Castelli di Jesi, very close and easily reachable from the Riviera.

A land dedicated to this production which is now famous all over the world. There are many characteristics in Verdicchio, in addition to the unmistakable taste, here there is the passion, strength, genius and confidentiality of the people of this land

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