A true delight of our territory is the Brunelli ice cream shop in Agugliano defined by authoritative newspapers as “the third most important in Italy inserted in the top ten of the best ice cream shops of our extraordinary Italy…
We take you to Agugliano, a small village a few km from Ancona… the famous Gelateria Brunelli. Right in the center of the village in Piazza V. Emanuele, 11.. it is managed by the owner Paolo Brunelli inside the family hotel.
Here we can taste the Portonovo taste, created in homage to one of the most loved places in the Marche region, where the sweetness of caramel is accompanied by the slight salinity of peanuts, all emphasized by Cervia salt, there is then the Agugliano taste in honor of the town!! Don’t miss it!!

Gelateria Brunelli – Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 11 – 60020

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